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Do I need a Lawyer to Represent Me?

While a good argument can be made for designing an informal and simple-to use-and-to-understand system that lets ordinary people bring personal claims or tort actions against those responsible for their injuries, our tort system in Michigan (and in other states) is not informal, simple or easily understood.   General principles of law in this area have been modified, transformed and overruled by a patchwork of judicial decisions and piecemeal legislation that really make it impossible for a non-lawyer to successfully navigate.  There are for example, special detailed rules about suing employers, medical providers, negligent drivers, product manufacturers and governmental entities that sometimes defy common sense.  Detailed Rules of Civil Procedure  govern what must be done, and how and when things must be done, both before and after a case is filed right up through and after trial. Rules of Evidence govern what can and can not be submitted to or argued to a jury. Before trial, a Defendant can bring what is called a Motion for Summary Judgment or Summary Disposition to ask a Judge that a Case be dismissed. Only a qualified personal injury attorney will know how to develop satisfactory proofs to prevent a case from being dismissed before a Jury is allowed to hear the Case. You need our expertise and experience to wage these battles for you. Contact us for a free consultation.

pic-pi3Many persons and entities who harm us, through their negligence and carelessness, fortunately carry insurance to protect themselves for times when mistakes are made.  It often makes sense to try to negotiate with the Defendant’s insurance company representatives before trial to achieve a fair and just monetary settlement.  Unfortunately, many of the horror stories about insurance companies denying or shortchanging claims just for the sake of denying claims are true. Do not sell yourself short. You need attorneys with experience and expertise to do battle with the insurance companies and to get the results you deserve. Contact us at MacDonald & MacDonald PLLC for a free consultation to see how we can help you win your case or negotiate the settlement you deserve.

If we decide to represent you in your personal injury case, like most personal injury lawyers, we work on a contingency fee basis. In other words, we receive a 1/3 percentage of whatever we recover for you at trial or in settlement, after deduction of litigation costs. If we do not recover for you, there is no attorney fee.

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