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How We as Your  Law Firm can Assist You in Your Claim

We at MacDonald & MacDonald PLLC have expertise and experience to  identify what specific evidence you need to win your individual claim. Social Security requires people of different age, education, and prior work experience, to prove different things to secure benefits.  We will be able to identify what it takes to win your claim, and will know the sort of evidence to attempt to secure from your doctors. We will know what testimony will be important to produce at the Social Security hearing.  Social Security will frequently call vocational or medical experts at the hearing to testify about different jobs in the national economy or about various medical conditions.  We have the expertise and experience to know how to question and cross-examine these experts that a claimant will not know how to do on his or her own.

pic-ss2.jpgAttorneys who represent the disabled in Social Security claims generally work on a contingency fee basis where we get paid only if we win. Social Security provides that attorney fees are 25% of whatever past due benefits are awarded, but no more than $6,000.00 (if additional litigation in federal court is not necessary).  There is no attorney fee unless we are able to recover benefits for you. (For some disabled workers, including workers at GM, who must repay some sick leave, EDB or pension monies when they win past due Social Security Disability benefits, those workers are frequently able to reduce the payback amount by the attorney fees we receive, so that hiring our firm really costs the disabled worker nothing out of their own pocket even if he or she wins.)

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