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The Flint Journal ‘Ask the Attorney’ Column

Q.    I was a stay-at-home single mother who did not work. I am now 70, and have been financially dependent upon my adult son who recently passed away.  Is there any help out there for me?

 A.   Social Security provides a benefit called a Parent’s Benefits which are payable to persons aged 62 and over who are parents of a deceased child who had been financially dependent upon that child. You must generally show that you were financially dependent upon your child for at least 12 months before he became disabled or died. You must also show that your child was providing you with at least 1/2 of your financial support during that time. The benefit can pay up to 82 1/2% of your child’s Social Security Primary Insurance Amount.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your own individualized situation.

–Robert MacDonald (April 2016)