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The Flint Journal ‘Ask the Attorney’ Column

Q. I am disabled from a work injury, but my employer’s insurance won’t pay me workers’ comp. Isn’t this law supposed to help people like me?

A. Workers’ compensation was created to provide a safety net for injured workers. That safety net now has significant holes. A 2015 OSHA study showed that workers’ comp nationally is covering only 21% of the losses caused by work injuries. Because of trickier eligibility requirements and denied claims, workers and taxpayers are getting stuck picking up the tab. The Snyder Administration is bragging this week on Mlive that it has saved employers $327 million dollars in reduced comp premiums since 2011; the ugly  flipside to this story is that injured workers in Michigan have in essence received $327 million less in benefits to support themselves and their families. Snyder appointed his own Commissioners who rarely allow anyone to be awarded benefits. I would be happy to offer you a free consultation to discuss your own individual situation, and to explore various options, including workers’ comp, that may help you and your family.