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The Flint Journal “Ask the Attorney” Column

By Attorneys at MacDonald & MacDonald PLLC

Q. I injured my shoulder at work. My doctor says I need a surgery and that I can’t work,but my employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is refusing to pay. What can I do? (January 2013, updated 2015)

A. You can file an application for workers’ compensation benefits with the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency and a magistrate has the power to award you 80% of your lost wages, up to $820/week, and currently has the power to order the insurance company to pay for whatever medical care your doctor considers reasonable. (The Snyder Administration has been talking about creating new administrative rules to limit the amount of medical care injured workers in Michigan can receive. The insurance industry has written rules regarding what it considers “reasonable” care and it wants force all doctors to follow those rules rather than practice medicine. Hopefully, the Snyder administration will not create more red tape that deprives workers of the medical care that they need.) Contact our office for assistance in securing the benefits that you need.

–Attorney Robert J. MacDonald