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The Flint Journal & Genesee County Bar Association’s “Ask the Attorney”


Q. I was injured at work. My employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company picked a doctor for me. They hired a “case manager” who wants that doctor to send me back to work. The doctor is not helping, I am still in pain and unable to work. What can I do?

A. Under the workers’ compensation law as amended December 19, 2011, twenty eight days after treatment begins, you as an injured employee in Michigan have a right to choose your own doctor. Workers’ comp must pay for treatment that provides a cure or alleviates symptoms. Michigan law permits insurance companies to receive medical reports every 60 days; there is no place in the law for “case managers” who go to the doctor with you or who boss the doctor around. You need a new doctor, and a lawyer.

Atty. Robert J. MacDonald
–May 2007 column (updated April 2012)