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The Flint Journal “Ask the Attorney” Column


Q. I was injured on the job last month and my doctor has me on restrictions. My employer says it has no light duty for me, but it is refusing to pay me workers’ comp because it says I have a “wage earning capacity.” What can I do?

A. Governor Snyder and Republican legislators passed a new workers’ compensation law for workers injured after December 19, 2011. The new law states employers can reduce benefits to partially disabled workers by their ‘wage earning capacity’ unless they are engaged in a good faith job search. Under Snyder’s comp law, many low wage workers injured on the job are being denied workers’ comp benefits and told that because there are other low wage jobs somewhere on the planet, no workers comp benefits are owing. Contact our office and we can try to assist you in getting the benefits you need and deserve.

Robert J. MacDonald (December 2012)