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Q.Why does my age matter to Social Security Disability?

A. Adults who have worked enough and recently enough in their life, who paid into the Social Security system, are eligible for Social Security Disability. In 1978, the federal government passed regulations which make it generally easier for persons over the age of 50 to secure benefits by basically recognizing that older workers with disabilities who can’t do their past work have a harder time returning to gainful employment. (Note though that the federal government has recently appointed a panel to create a new database that will attempt to document the types of jobs that exist that people can do despite their age and physical limitations. There is real concern that this database, if developed and adopted by Social Security, could in the future be used to undermine existing regulations and used as a basis to deny benefits to persons with disabilities in financial need who can’t find employment.) If you are an adult, of any age, suffering from disabilities that make it difficult for you to obtain or maintain employment, feel free to contact us for a free consultation regarding options available to you.

Atty. Robert J. MacDonald
–June 2010 column