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The Flint Journal “Ask the Attorney” Column

Q. I was diagnosed with an illness which my doctor says will require me to be off work for a year or two while I undergo treatment. Although I am not permanently disabled, is there any help I can get to pay my bills? (May 2014)

A. For a worker who have worked enough in his or her life, and recently enough in his or her life, Social Security Disability benefits can be payable to disabled persons if they have disabilities which are expected to be disabling for at least a year. Social Security Disability benefits are payable following a five month waiting period after the disability begins. If a person has few assets and little income, additional SSI benefits may be payable during that first five month period. While you hopefully will recover, your disability does not need to be permanent in order to receive Social Security Disability. Contact our office if you need further assistance in securing these benefits.

–Attorney Robert J. MacDonald