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The Flint Journal “Ask the Attorney” Column

Q. I was hurt on the job and can’t work, but my employer told me he doesn’t believe in workers’ compensation. He told me he would ‘chip in’ on my medical bills, but I need more help than that. Without my paycheck, I have no way to support my family. What can I do? (Feb 2015)

A. Most Michigan employers have been required to carry workers’ compensation insurance since 1943. If your employer did not carry insurance required by the law, the employer can be held personally liable for paying you benefits due under the law including potential lifetime wage loss benefits, lifetime medical benefits, and two years of retraining benefits. If the employer did not carry the required insurance, you would also have the right to sue your employer for injuries due to the company’s negligence and recover monies for lost wages, pain, suffering and other losses. Your employer also may just be bluffing and refusing to turn in your claim to his insurance. It may be necessary to file a formal application for benefits with the Workers’ Compensation Agency or a lawsuit for negligence in order to secure relief. I recommend you contact us for a free consultation regarding your specific situation to see how we can help you secure the assistance you need and deserve.

–Attorney Robert J. MacDonald