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Q. I hear that Lansing politicians are talking about lowering the cost of auto insurance. How would that effect my coverage? (Oct 2017)

A. Under current Michigan no-fault law, auto accident victims receive lifetime medical care for their injuries. Republican Rep. Leonard and Mayor Duggan of Detroit have received media attention by introducing legislation that would allow insurers to sell policies that provide only $25,000 of medical coverage after emergency care ends. While they promise cheaper premium rates, the bill has a loophole that would allow insurers to avoid these premium reductions. While this proposal would result in a massive windfall to insurance companies by capping their obligations to pay for treatment, many accident victims will find themselves injured, unable to obtain medical care, and bankrupt—as serious injuries often require more than $25,000 of care. There are better common-sense proposals to guarantee the reduction of the costs of insurance, but slashing medical coverage for those most vulnerable is heartless and irresponsible.

–Attorney Robert J. MacDonald